LED Video walls are the next evolution of large format displays. As they become more and more affordable, they are steadily chipping away at projector based technology. By the nature of the LED's, they are very bright displays, meaning sun light or interior lighting will have no effect on the audiences' viewing. Video walls are comprised of thousands of very small LEDs, or pixels. How close, or how far away those pixels are from each other, is how you determine what we call Pixel Pitch, or PP. The smaller the number of Pixel Pitch, the tighter the LED's are grouped together, creating higher definition images, and allowing for closer viewing distances. Video walls are available for indoor use, as well as outdoor. They can be used for digital signage, presentations, background visuals, studio or set design. They perform well on camera, making them ideal as backdrops in recording/streaming studios. Video Walls come in many different configurations and options, so it can be challenging to decide which option might be the best fit for your organization. But just reach out to us, and we will walk you through the process, from product selection to implementation.