Introducing our Virtual Video Poster! These posters feature direct view LED technology, just like what is found on our full size video walls, but broken into small segments. Measuring 2' wide x 6' tall, mounted on a mobile base. They provide the ultimate in flexibility for your digital signage needs. Each poster has its own built in controller, capable of playing/displaying any type of media file type. Each individual poster can also be combined with other posters, to create as big a display as you want, up to 6 posters for the 1.9mm, and 8 posters for the 2.5mm. All the LED's are coated in a protective resin, adding much durability for use in high traffic areas. The controller can save content directly to the poster, with 6GB of storage, or content can be streamed from an external device. Of course all of this can be controlled remotely, utilizing either the built in wi-fi, or LAN connections. While the posters do not have speakers built in, there is a 3.5mm audio out connection for audio enhancement options. Leave pop up banners and the hassle of design changes or reprints behind. Our fully customizable LED posters are the next evolution of vibrant digital signage.